Welcome to Piasa Rifle and Pistol Club. Illinois' Largest and premier indoor shooting range. Founded in 1937, we offer lighted indoor shooting year round. Leagues, private shooting and 24 hour access.


We are going to have to raise the dues this year due to expenses and damages. The new fees will be:

Adult-$120.00 Senior-$60.00 Associate-$20.00 Initiation Fee-$50.00 Please see newsletter

The next general membership meeting will be September 21st, 2017 at 7:30 PM. New members Should be there at 7:00 PM (or EARLIER!) for paperwork. We would like to invite all members to come and see what's happening at the club and welcome any new members

We would like to thank those who came to the work party August 19th. A LOT got done in preparation for the coming shooting season. Those IMPORTANT souls who pitched in were:
  • Rich Stewart
  • Alan Ttrebs
  • Chris Constantino
  • Rick Workman
  • Bob Eichen
  • Art Roemer
  • Mike Zangor
  • Dave Peuterbaugh
  • Mike Paulter

ATTENTION: There are now mid guide holders at the range in bay 3. If you USE a mid range holder,

PLEASE use one of these guides to insure YOUR target is hitting the middle of the backstop.

If you DO use mid range targets, make SURE you are hitting the backstop

For discount NRA dues, scroll below for link

We are pleased to be a 100% NRA club. This is a condition of membership. Join and be proud!

AND it's GONE AGAIN! Back to $40.00 Click HERE

Now $40.00

We are a life member of the Illinois State Rifle Association. Please support these fine organizations.

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