Welcome to Piasa Rifle and Pistol Club. Illinois' Largest and premier indoor shooting range. Founded in 1937, we offer lighted indoor shooting year round. Leagues, private shooting and 24 hour access.

PLEASE NOTE: ALL guests must fill out waiver form EACH TIME. A box will be put up to deposit them in. Email was sent to all members.

Renewals can be mailed to the address on the contact page.

In an effort to help our members BUY guns, we have spoken to Piasa Armory and they have agreed to let us list them as an FFL tranfer partner. Their fee is $20.00 per transfer, which is fair, and I have spoken with their operations manager about listing them on OUR site with a link to their FFL license. In today's times, we need a local FFL contact and this was the best option. Go to HERE to get their direct link to their FFL to send to your seller. PLEASE call them and let them know you are using them before you send it.

PLEASE remember we take cash in the correct amount or a personal check. NO CREDIT CARDS. The renewal application is listed on the "APPLICATION" tab. MOST renewal letters will be EMAILED with the new code. Only people with NO email, will be snail mailed. If you have provided a non-working email address, you will NOT get your renewal letter. Please contact secretary with VALID email address. If you HAVE no email, call secretary and you will be MAILED a letter upon dues payment.


Membership fees

Adult-$120.00 Senior-$60.00 Associate-$20.00 Initiation Fee-$50.00 Please see newsletter

ATTENTION:Mid guide holders now for sale as shown below.

$10.00 Each

Please do NOT leave any mid range target holders at the range. They will be discarded.

If you DO use mid range targets, make SURE you are hitting the backstop

For discount NRA dues, scroll below for link

We are pleased to be a 100% NRA club. This is a condition of membership. Join and be proud!

AND it's GONE AGAIN! NOW $45.00 Click HERE

Now $45.00

We are a life member of the Illinois State Rifle Association. Please support these fine organizations.

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