Range Officer Sound Commands

I think everyone would agree that the most ideal practice environment would be actual match conditions. Unfortunately, most of us don't have a buddy willing to call range commands and turn targets for us whenever we feel like going to the range to practice! The second best thing is a dedicated timer, an effective "range-officer-in-a-box," like the Personal Linesman. And although you might not have the cash for one of these, you probably do have a cassette tape player, a portable CD player, or even cooler, a portable .MP3 file player! The .MP3 audio files of the Range Commands will allow you to use your existing gadget as that coveted dedicated timer.

The below "download" links are to the two audio (.MP3) files, each containing the range commands for the particular stage of sustained fire. Once "downloaded," you will have two files, one a set of commands for a string of the timed fire stage, and the other for rapid fire. Once on your computer, you have several options. You may:

  1. Burn them onto a CD that you can play on your portable player.
  2. Transfer them electronically into a portable .MP3 player.
  3. Play the two .MP3 files and record them with an analog cassette tape recorder.

    For Timed fire commands, click Here

    For Tapid Fire Commands, click Here